How to Manage Online Customer Reviews


Online customer reviews can make or break a business. They are a valuable resource for potential customers who are researching whether to do business with you, and they can also help you improve your business processes.

It is important to manage customer reviews, whether they are positive or negative. Responding in a timely manner shows that you care about your customers and their experience with your business. Thanking customers for their feedback lets them know that you value their opinions and addressing the concerns of customers who had a negative experience shows that you are committed to improving your business. Using customer feedback to improve your business processes shows that you are always looking for ways to improve. And showing gratitude to customers who left positive reviews shows that you appreciate their support.

What can you do when you have great customer reviews?

When you obtain a positive review, your business will benefit from the good press right away. Online reviews have the potential to influence 68% of buying decisions. However, excellent reviews are beneficial for business—and you may even increase their value considerably more.

For social proof, make use of your good reviews

Typically, people follow the actions or suggestions of others, particularly based on their feedback or recommendations—that’s social proof in a nutshell. Customer evaluations and testimonials are one of the most powerful forms of social proof. You’ll build consumer’s trust, draw more clients to your company, and have a healthy amount of business growth if you showcase your excellence Here are a few ideas for improving your excellent online feedback with a little of social proof:

  • To validate your performance as a brand and encourage more interaction, include testimonials, reviews, and ratings in your sponsored ad communications.
  • Make a review tab or widget part of your website to allow consumers to read your excellent evaluations and comments with ease. Make them hard to miss!
  • Positive consumer testimonies, as well as attention-grabbing pictures, should be posted on your most engaged social media sites.

Positive testimonials should be published on your website where necessary. Positive customer quotations or comments are appropriate on your homepage, about us page, product pages, and landing pages.

Get more good customer comments

Another approach to make the most of excellent client evaluations is to have more of them. The better your comments are, the more informed your customers will be about the changes you make and why they’re important.

In addition to positive feedback, there are several methods to earn more of it. From signing up for popular review platforms to incentivizing your consumers to submit reviews on other sites in exchange for free delivery or a discount code, there are a variety of approaches you may take.

How to deal with negative consumer reviews

Let’s look at how to handle bad customer feedback now that we’ve covered how to make the most of good online reviews. Someone who comes across a negative review will spend roughly five times longer looking or browsing the site, according to data. Deal with your negative reviews the right way, and you’ll not only demonstrate how dedicated you are to your clients, but you may even convert an unhappy customer into a brand advocate (at the very least, you’ll resolve the problem and avoid any real brand damage).

Here’s how to proceed.

Be quick and friendly. Get to the bottom of the problem fast

Even if the consumers are complaining or the problem is with their product, you should strive to reply to negative reviews quickly and in a pleasant manner.

Never leave a negative review in the air or try to sweep it under the rug, doing so will reveal your company’s lack of trustworthiness and damage its reputation.

Negative customer comments should be addressed personally, with an apology coming first and foremost via any public channel. In a nutshell, you must take responsibility for the problem or it will dominate your life.

How to Respond to Negative Customer Reviews

‧ At the start of your response, apologize, empathize, and own the problem (in that order). This strategy will humanize your brand while also aid the disarming of a furious client, allowing you to accept a reasonable solution.

‧ To entice readers to click, you may use a professional yet casual tone to ensure that your response is approachable while also being personal. Attempting to address each client by name when replying to them is a good idea.

‧ Thank the critical reviewer for their feedback and provide a useful answer to your consumer’s problem.

‧ With platforms that provide updates every time you get a review or someone refers to your brand name on the internet, you may keep track of your online visibility. This will assist you in swiftly addressing and resolving any bad internet reviews.


Online customer reviews can make or break a business. They are a valuable resource for potential customers who are researching whether to do business with you, and they can also help you improve your business processes. It is important to manage customer reviews and hope this article can help. To know more about how to do a business online, check out our website at