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Hometech Medical Limited

Item serial number management

  • Item serial number management
  • Production and printing of goods lease receipts with different serial numbers
  • Multi-warehouse inventory management
  • Barcode generation and printing of goods
  • Barcode input
  • Product transactions between warehouses
  • Invoice making and printing
  • Receipt making and printing


Queen Mary Hospital

Goods storage location matching system

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  • Goods storage location matching system
  • Barcode generation and printing of goods
  • Generate and print the position code of the goods storage bar
  • Check the barcode of the goods and storage location through the “Android Mobile Computer” to ensure that the goods are placed in the correct storage location
  • Send the check data record of “Android Mobile Computer” to the computer for analysis
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Yeomen Guards Company Limited, Reunion Security Limited, Yesing Management Limited

HR Management System

  • Security personnel files
    • Effectively record security personnel information
    • Basic information includes: name, contact phone number, contact address, ID number, photo, entry date, resignation date, emergency contact information, etc.
  • Security personnel license management
    • Record the license information and expiry date (such as: SPP, QAS, License A, License B, License C, License D Notice on Commencement for Licensing Office, Notice on Termination for Licensing Office, Medical Examination…), the system will Prompt the user before the expiry date, the security personnel’s various licenses will not affect their daily work due to expiration.
  • Renewal management
    • Display and input security guards’ daily changes and holidays in monthly calendar display mode, which is clear at a glance
    • Enter a different working location every day
    • Enter day and night shift
    • Automatically calculate the “timeout” hours
    • Enter the daily special allowance
    • Load directly from Excel, convenient to connect with other systems
    • Cooperate with the mobile phone program to notify the security personnel immediately after the replacement schedule is made or changed, to avoid misunderstandings caused by the manual distribution of the replacement schedule or telephone notification in the past.
  • Holiday management
    • Calculate and display the “paid annual leave” that security personnel can enjoy and remaining
    • Detailed leave records of security personnel (annual leave, sick leave, work injury leave…)
    • In conjunction with the mobile phone app, the security personnel can apply for vacation and check the status of the vacation approval through the mobile phone, instead of calling to apply and inquire every time
  • Salary management
    • Security personnel can be set to monthly salary, daily salary, hourly salary (day and night)
    • Specific work locations can enjoy different hourly or daily wages
    • Specific allowances available
    • Calculate the monthly salary (monthly salary, daily salary, hourly salary) of all or individual security personnel, including holiday compensation/deduction, allowance, overtime pay, sick leave salary, etc., to reduce the time required for the monthly salary period
    • Be able to list the detailed items that make up the monthly salary and be clear about the components of the monthly salary to avoid disputes
    • After calculating the salary, you can directly modify/increase or decrease the detailed salary items after the calculation, without recalculating, to avoid the possibility of late payment due to input errors during the salary period
    • Salary information can be exported to EZ-Pay, which is convenient for automatic salary transfer
  • Work management
    • Customers can input the date, time period and number of security guards needed through the browser on the Internet
    • Make a quotation after confirmation
    • Arrange manpower flexibly according to the daily work instructions to avoid not having enough manpower for customers
    • Automatically notify the client of the security personnel information on duty by email before the work instruction date


Sales and Storage Management System

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  • Retail and warehouse management system
  • Multi-warehouse inventory management
  • Barcode generation and printing of goods
  • Barcode input
  • Product transactions between warehouses
  • Complex pricing and discount rules
  • Invoice printing
  • Different payment methods and calculation of surcharge
  • Inquiry of inventory balance
  • Comparison of sales in different time periods
  • Sales comparison of different payment methods
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Aston Rouge

Online sales system

  • Online sales system
  • Company website production